About Us

Our mission is to make quantitative learning and online assessment as authentic, reliable, and engaging as possible. 

Our Story

Launched in 2021, Summatic is comprised of a team of academics, educators and software developers, dedicated to advancing online education from school to university. 

Our platform continues to expand its support with new questions, content, and courses in Economics, Biosciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Prep for Business Schools

We work with leading universities and educational groups including Cambridge Judge Business School, National University of Singapore, Ulster University, and Salford University.

Our Principles


Beyond multiple choice, our quantitative question types preserve the authenticity of paper assessment by allowing students to answer with formulas, equations, and more.


Backed by robust symbolic algebra, our automated marking has a proven 99.9% reliability rate. We guarantee the accuracy of our marks and to ensure reliability, anyone who detects an issue receives a quick fix and a book token.


Our student-focused platform is designed to enhance the learning experience through interactive engagement with complex concepts.

Trusted By

The Masters in Finance programme uses Summatic to prepare arriving students with the quantitative skills required for their programme.

The School of Economics at the University of Bristol used Summatic to support student’s transition from A-Levels to University.

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