Engineering & Physical Sciences

Summatic helps students learn core Engineering and Physical Science concepts with authentic questions and interactive graphical explanations. Summatic assessments utilise questions very similar to what you would ask on paper but with the added benefits of automated marking and further opportunities for independent learning.


Assessments and Analytics

Summatic’s assessments challenge students to answer authentic questions. Automated grading and analytics keep departments up to date with student progress.

Interactive Resources

Summatic’s interactive learning aids bring Engineering and Physics to life, allowing students to visualize complex concepts interactively.

Efficient Learning Loops

Random question variants and instant feedback on attempts help students to progress, ensure they can successfully complete a question before moving on.


Quantitative Methods

Preparation and Regular Assessments

Ensure incoming students have the necessary quantitative skills to start strong. Regular term time assessments then maintain progress.

Interactive Textbook

A full textbook of relevant materials is provided, with interactive content to explain and simplify quantitative concepts.

Comprehensive Coverage

The course takes students through GCSE Maths revision all the way to first year Engineering and Physics standards. This includes concepts such as optimization and statistical analysis.


Full Worked Problems

Unlike other online solutions which ask simple multiple choice questions, Summatic asks multi-part questions where students go through the steps to solve an extended problem.

Interactive Textbook

The advanced interactive textbook of materials is designed to simplify even the most complex of topics.

Comprehensive Coverage

The course gives textbook-aligned question coverage of all common topics in intermediate physics, helping students to have a full theoretical and practical grounding in mechanics.

Our Partners

This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate. This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate. This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate.

We ran a diagnostic with the Economics department for 850 incoming students, which received 91% engagement, helped students to practice and learn required prerequisite material, and gave the department detailed analytics on a large cohort which had not done external A Level exams.

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