Our Insights

5 Benefits of Interactive Learning for Economics

With visual and graphical examples from Summatic’s online courses in Microeconomics and Econometrics, we illustrate five key benefits of using interactivity to “bring the dismal science to life.”

How to Improve Online Student Engagement

Why do students engage with some online learning platforms more than others? From our experience, we identify six practices for improving online student engagement.

Six Reasons to Not Rely on Multiple-Choice

Many online assessments adapt paper exams into multiple-choice questions (MCQs), but this format frequently fails to meet educational standards of authenticity in assessment. Instead, advanced question types allow students to engage with online assessments more authentically. 

Measuring Authenticity in Assessment

We propose a method for defining and measuring the authenticity of assessment by evaluating the online replication of paper exams.

Pre-Course for Recourse in Business School

We at Summatic are happy to promote the use of online pre-course instruction and assessment in business schools to advance applicant diversity and student performance.

The Digital Assessment Age

“Digital assessment is not a hypothetical future, it’s happening right now.”

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

How we practice is often the key to success, in every industry or endeavour. We see exactly what this means and how Summatic is implementing it in everything they do.