Supporting Maths teachers and students in a post-Covid world

Now that students have returned to school across the UK, teachers have two urgent areas of concern: Assessment and Catch up. We’ll share how we can help.


The themes of Easter term 2021 are going to be:

  • ‘How can we accurately predict grades now that students have missed such crucial learning?’
  • ‘How can we assess gaps in learning, post-lockdown?’


New assessment measures are being taken for this year’s summer exams. “For GCSEs, AS and A levels, teachers will assess the standard at which you are performing based only on what you have been taught so that your school or college can determine your grade. Teachers’ judgements should be based on a range of evidence relating to the subject content that your teachers have delivered, either in the classroom or via remote learning.” How can we give fair teacher predicted grades?

The right digital assessment support can allow teachers to address these questions while keeping workload manageable and maintaining the quality of questions and feedback. Our assessment solution covers a wide range of question types to authentically assess the range of answers needed for GCSE/A Level/IB maths. Our engine will accurately understand student responses, grading their answers reliably and offering feedback to teachers. With this, you will be able to see students’ progress including steps, mistakes, and corrections.

We have just introduced timed assessments and exams on our platform. Just select “exam” when setting an assignment, for practice and mock exams.


How can we help your students to ‘catch up’ and ensure they are prepared for future work or studies? At Summatic, we’re on a mission to help teachers and students ‘catch up’ with their maths skills by introducing new tools and innovative approaches to learning.

We’re taking it step-by-step. Our interactive graphs and textbook chapters make complex concepts more manageable for both students and staff. They are accessible and engaging, as students are able to play with graphs and self-pace their learning. They are also able to receive instant feedback as they complete sections/tasks.

If you’re curious about how to support your students in a post-Covid world, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to set up a free trial for you and your students. 

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