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We help university departments evaluate and build up students’ mathematical skills with automated assessments and interactive learning materials.

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Challenges to Overcome


Learning gaps caused by the diverse academic backgrounds of incoming students means that many will lack the required knowledge to succeed in first year courses and beyond. 

Static Assessment

Tailored, timely monitoring of student progress during term time. Nearly one in three students in the UK are dissatisfied by the current level of assessment and feedback on their course. 

Catering for Learning Styles

Course content must be delivered in different ways to allow students to grasp difficult topics in their preferred learning style. 



Number of attempt per students


Marking Reliability



Solutions with Summatic

Identify Learning Gaps

Start your students on a level playing field. We build customised, varied assessments tailored to your syllabus to ensure that learning gaps are plugged before term one. 

Smart Assessments

Running term time assignments or revision tests through Summatic is effortless. Marking is automatic and students receive smart step by step feedback.


Interactive Learning Resources

Summatic caters for all learning styles. Break down complex topics through our interactive graphs, re-test concepts with our automatic variants that create unlimited practice. 


Maths and Stats for Economics | Econometrics | Financial Economics | Microeconomics

Algebra | Units of Measure | Optimization | Statistical Methods

Calculus | Differential Equations | Linear Algebra | Mechanics

Calculus | Differential Equations | Linear Algebra | Mechanics

Financial Literacy | Financial Concepts | Algebra | Data and Statistics


Foundation Maths | Further Maths

Our Partners

This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate. This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate. This is the description of our partner where we say what we do and how we collaborate.

We ran a diagnostic with the Economics department for 850 incoming students, which received 91% engagement, helped students to practice and learn required prerequisite material, and gave the department detailed analytics on a large cohort which had not done external A Level exams.

Case Studies

The Masters in Finance programme used Summatic to prepare arriving students with the quantitative skills required for their programme.

The School of Economics used Summatic to support students' transition to university.

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